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Blaze a new trail. Become a beacon.

By the time students enter high school, they’ve done meaningful self-discovery and can engage in the critical thinking needed to put action to their desires. With a host of opportunities, including exposure to career possibilities, experiential learning, mentorship, career path experts and thorough training, District 191 high school students can move on to the next step with an incredible array of experiences. But most importantly, they’ll be equipped with tools to navigate their journey, no matter what life throws their way.


The One91 Pathways journey culminates at Burnsville High School, where students apply their love of learning and developed sense of self to envision a future where their aspirations are truly within reach. There’s so much to discover, and we can’t wait to support learners as they learn what lights them up.

"Choose classes that involve you in something you like or are good at doing. Not only will you do well, but you will enjoy being in class."

- Eloisa Carrasco
Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Technologies Pathway

one91 pathways

High School Pathways Highlights

4 Career Fields

14 Pathways

5 Industry Certifications

200 Industry Partners

College & Career Center

One91 Pathways enables students to discover their passions and align their coursework to those passions. Throughout their time at BHS, student are not just working on graduating high school. Students graduate high school with a plan for their futures. Our College & Career Center helps students make that plan a reality.

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AVID is a program dedicated to equipping students with strategies to prepare for greater academic rigor as they move through their school years and start thinking about college and career preparedness. As a methodology, AVID is taught across all grade levels. However, elective courses are available to students who interview and are accepted into the program.

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Burnsville Alternative High School

Burnsville Alternative High School is an educational option with a small, community-based high school environment, also allowing students to work on credit recovery.  A Burnsville High School diploma is available for all students.

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Pathways Stories

bhs alum elizabeth mccormick with her diploma at the university of minnesota
  • Pathways & Partnerships

For Elizabeth McCormick, an assignment in ninth grade English class got her worried and sparked a passion for finding who she was and what she wanted to be. As part of an autobiography writing exercise, students were asked to write about their passion. Instead of having an easy answer, Elizabeth started thinking about what her passion was or what it could be. This quest for self discovery led her down a path of trying new things, organizing and finding another way. 

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davin alt and a classmate sit in a helicopter
  • Pathways & Partnerships

The classes Davin took often provided hands-on learning experiences, but most importantly, he was able to earn important certifications that would be instrumental to his future. During hybrid learning his junior year, he started the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program with remote days focusing on theory and concepts and in-person days being focused on building skills and real-life applications like helping patients with daily activities and being a patient liaison.

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District 191 teacher Julie West sits at a table with a sewing machine
  • Announcements
  • Pathways & Partnerships

Whether it was teaching swim lessons out of her parents’ backyard pool as a teenager, participating in beauty pageants in high school, running a sewing school for young children as a stay-at-home mom, managing home-based businesses, supervising student teachers, doing preschool screenings or teaching students how to cook, she explored opportunities where she could thrive as an educator, entrepreneur and artist. All these experiences have helped shape her into the innovator that she truly is.

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student working on her laptop in a burnsville high school classroom
  • Pathways & Partnerships

There are a lot of different options for students to pursue after high school, ranging from starting a career to pursuing a degree. The new Associate of Arts Pathway at Burnsville High School (BHS) lets students get a head start on what comes next in a way that no other district is doing, by earning an associate degree without ever leaving the building. 

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Students learn practical, professional skills in Culinary Pathway
  • Pathways & Partnerships

Students at Burnsville High School have access to a wide array of career pathways that they can explore, but only one results in projects that they can eat. Growing from its roots in the Family and Consumer Sciences department program, the BHS Culinary Pathway has expanded to 21 class sections a year, all of which are full of students eager to learn new skills.

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shrey pothini
  • Announcements
  • Building Community
  • Pathways & Partnerships

No single person embodies the culture of community service in District 191 quite like Shrey. Growing up in Savage, Shrey was surrounded by a family who showed him different aspects of the world, teachers who encouraged him, and a community who rallied behind his efforts. It started when he was three years old and his mother Seema took him to a local teen homeless shelter where she served on the board. 

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Olivia Brammer
  • Pathways & Partnerships

When Olivia Brammer was a student at Burnsville High School (BHS), she was involved in a variety of activities and ready to start exploring career options. After taking some courses in the Healthcare Pathway and finding it wasn’t for her, Olivia tried education-focused courses the following year. 

Read More about Olivia Brammer used the Pathways at District One91 to try new things and set the course for her future, ultimately leading her back to Burnsville High School as a Special Education Teacher. 
oriana penaloza ortega in computer science class
  • Pathways & Partnerships

Oriana’s journey from Venezuela to Burnsville and a future in computer science

Read More about Oriana Penaloza was new to the United States and while learning English at BHS, she used the Pathways at District 191 to learn another language that set the tone for her future in computer science
student working on a car
  • Pathways & Partnerships

Part of the One91 Pathways journey, the Automotive Pathway allows students to gain skills relevant to industry standards and be well positioned for employment and/or further education after graduation. The program at BHS supports a future-ready employment base for the automotive industry.

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Burnsville High School senior selected as a 2022 National Merit Semifinalist
  • Announcements

District 191 is pleased to announce that Burnsville High School senior Zoe Olson has been selected as a National Merit semifinalist. She is one of approximately 270 Minnesota semifinalists in the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Program, which honors students based on standardized test scores and academic achievements.

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In their volunteer work, BurnsvilleStrong students’ creativity, innovation help build community in a socially-distanced world
  • Building Community

The mission of the BurnsvilleStrong organization at Burnsville High School (BHS) is to unify, strengthen and inspire the community. Despite COVID sticking around for more than a year and creating barriers to programming, the teams of students were able to innovate and get creative in carrying out service projects they’d typically do in a normal year to deliver on their mission.

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three students celebrating on Decision Day
  • Announcements

Burnsville High School received the American College Application Campaign’s (ACAC) 2020 School of Excellence Award for its demonstrated commitment to student success and for serving as an exemplary model for Minnesota Goes to College, a coalition to ensure today’s students are prepared for tomorrow’s jobs.

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Kaitlyn Palacios
  • Pathways & Partnerships

Kaitlyn Palacios, a full-time PSEO (post-secondary enrollment option) student at Burnsville High School (BHS), was selected to participate in an internship program through Genesys Works, a not-for-profit organization that helps high school students “break through barriers and discover through meaningful work experiences that they can succeed as professionals in the corporate world.” 

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Burnsville High School senior named a Coca-Cola Scholars semifinalist

Burnsville High School senior Alexis Bunnell has been selected as a semifinalist in the 2020-21 Coca-Cola Scholars Program. 

Alexis was one of only 1,609 high school seniors selected as semifinalists from a pool of 99,403 submitted applications from across the country based on their academic excellence, leadership and service demonstrated in school and community activities.

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maeghan haase
  • Pathways & Partnerships

A school year disrupted by a global pandemic made learning challenging for many students, especially for those in Burnsville High School (BHS) Pathways courses designed to provide hands-on learning to earn college credit. Despite the challenges and uncertainty, Meagan Haase, a 2020 graduate and one of six students in the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course, set her sights on her goal and became the first student in last year’s program to pass the National Emergency Medical Technician exam. 

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One91 Pathways
  • Pathways & Partnerships

Burnsville High School junior Lesly Yalith Rodriguez Ruelas was one of six winners in the National Association of College Admissions Counseling’s 2020 Student Video Essay Contest (NACAC). Winners of the contest, which was sponsored by Indie Atlantic Films, were announced in April. Lesly earned a $1,000 scholarship for her submission.

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Burnsville High School senior receives an Act Six Scholarship, full-ride to Concordia

Burnsville High School senior Oriana Penaloza Ortega has been named a recipient of an Act Six Scholarship, earning a full-ride to Concordia College, Moorhead. 

Act Six is a leadership development and college scholarship program that brings together diverse, multicultural cadres of emerging urban leaders who want to use their college education to make a difference on campus and in their communities at home.

Oriana plans to major in computer science with a concentration in data science. 

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student works in a makerspace
  • Pathways & Partnerships

The model - which we’re calling Pathways K-12 - builds on the work we are already doing in elementary schools. It also aligns with the Pathways model at Burnsville High School that helps students find their passions, understand how classes and careers fit together, and prepare for success after graduation. 

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BHS sophomore Osman Warfa spreads his wings at International Science and Engineering Fair
  • Pathways & Partnerships

Warfa was one of 1,800 high school students from more than 80 countries selected to participate in the fair, held May 16-18 in Phoenix, Ariz. He spent eight hours presenting his project, “Stability of Varied Winglets,” to the professional scientists and engineers who served as judges.

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we are dreamers
  • Pathways & Partnerships

Burnsville High School Senior Alyse Dees may be a high achiever in many areas, but she has been focused on one ultimate goal since she was 12 years old: becoming a Disney Imagineer. She recently came one step closer to that goal as one of only 100 students in the country selected to spend a week at the Disney Dreamers Academy, where she worked with and learned from current Disney Imagineers.

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we are champions

As a junior at Burnsville High School, Abby Bauleke already has some pretty impressive accomplishments under her belt. An honors student who serves on the student council and in the #BurnsvilleStrong leadership group, Bauleke is captain of the BHS swim team, plays wheelchair basketball in the NWBA and is the youngest member of the U.S. Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball Team, which won the gold medal at World Championships in Thailand in May.

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Partnership with Burnsville Fire preparing students for EMT certification

Burnsville Fire Chief B.J. Jungmann is working directly with students who are learning CPR in the new Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) class taught by Dr. Anne (Werner) Dempsey at Burnsville High School. Students are working in pairs to use dummies to practice their skills and Jungmann and Dempsey move from group to group providing instruction and feedback.

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