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Graduation Requirements

All Burnsville High School graduates must earn a minimum of 45 semester credits (Class of 2021, 2022, 2023) and 46 semester credits (Class of 2024 as listed below in grades 9-12. All courses listed in the College & Career Core section can be used to meet the requirements listed below in Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Health, and Physical Education.

College & Career Core

Success One91

Success One91 is a required, one-semester course created for 9th graders. Through a strengths-based approach, student build community among fellow 9th graders as they consider their high school plan. Students will gain skills in key areas for successful academic achievement, and learn how to take full advantage of Pathways, all while having an adult advocate from day one. Learn about the 9th Grade Experience.


Students take 14 electives credits in grades 9-12. 

One91 Pathways

Fine Arts

Students take two fine arts courses in grades 9-12.

Graduation Information