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Hockey - Boys

Team Information

  • Grades: 9-12 
  • Fees: $215
  • Description: Burnsville Boys Hockey program has consolidated with Apple Valley High School. Student athletes can try out for Junior Varsity and Varsity teams in November. Burnsville Junior Gold program is also available for Burnsville and Apple Valley players to participate in. Hockey requires individuals to work together collectively toward a common goal. Players must be in good academic standing to play high school hockey.
  • Season: December-March 
  • Times/Dates: Practices are held after school at Hayes Arena.

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Upcoming Games

May 2023
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Apr 30
Mon, May 1
Tue, May 2
Wed, May 3
Thu, May 4
Fri, May 5
Sat, May 6
Sun, May 7
Mon, May 8
Tue, May 9
Wed, May 10
Thu, May 11
Fri, May 12
Sat, May 13
Sun, May 14
Mon, May 15
Tue, May 16
Wed, May 17
Thu, May 18
Fri, May 19
Sat, May 20
Sun, May 21
Mon, May 22
Tue, May 23
Wed, May 24
Thu, May 25
Fri, May 26
Sat, May 27
Sun, May 28
Mon, May 29
Tue, May 30
Wed, May 31
Thu, Jun 1
Fri, Jun 2
Sat, Jun 3

Coaching Staff

No coaches were found for this team.