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Student-Run Clubs

At our schools, we want all students to feel connected to our school community and find ways to be involved. We provide co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in academics, arts and athletics, and we also allow the use of School District facilities and resources for student-interest clubs and activities which are not School District sponsored, pursuant to Policy 801 - Equal Access to School Facilities.

These clubs and activities provide students with additional opportunities to extend their learning, develop and demonstrate leadership, impact their school and community, expand their social network, and grow to be supported cognitively, emotionally and socially. 

Starting and Chartering

  • A student-interest club or activity may have access to school facilities for meetings during non-instructional time, subject to available space and the availability of staff supervision.
  • A student-interest club or activity must complete an application for use of school district facilities and comply with other requirements under the Equal Access to School Facilities Policy.
  • The student-interest club or activity will be listed in the handbook and on the website as a student-initiated club, which is not sponsored by the School District.  

Announcements and Postings

  • The club will be able to announce their meeting date, time and location using the student announcements, with prior approval of the sponsor and school administration.
  • The club will be able to put a maximum of 10 posters/flyers no larger than 8½ X 14 in the hallways, foyers and cafeteria areas of the school with prior approval of the sponsor and stamped by the school administration. The School District will reserve the right to change the designated location for posters/flyers.