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BHS Graduation Information 2021

BHS Graduation Information 2021

We are excited and look forward to celebrating graduation this week! 

While we will be celebrating with all graduates in one ceremony, weather permitting, on Friday, June 11th at 6:00 pm, the ceremony will look different than in the past.  We will have controlled entry to the stadium, controlled seating of all guests, and controlled dismissal of guests at the end of the ceremony.  Please read the following for additional information. 

HEALTH & SAFETY COMMITMENTS - Our school community has worked together throughout the year focusing on and honoring health and safety commitments to take care of each other.  We have experienced great success as a result and want to continue to be respectful of the individual needs of those in our school community.  We encourage masks and social distancing.

Choose On-Site Viewing Option Best for You - We are excited to offer multiple ways for individuals to enjoy the graduation ceremony.   If you specifically want to sit in a mask-only section or Mraz you must use the links included below to make reservations.

Stadium General Seating – Stadium seating for all guests.  Guests will be ushered to seats in order of arrival – gates open at 4:30pm.  

Stadium Handicapped Seating - There is handicap seating available in all bleacher sections on the bottom row.  These seats cannot be reserved, but will be available and used only for handicap seating.  If you have questions about the handicap seating, please contact Abby Katzmarek at 952-707-2134.

Stadium Masked-only sectionclick here to reserve seats in the masked-only section in the stadium. All spectators who choose to sit in this area must plan to remain masked throughout the ceremony, and must reserve a seat by Thursday, June 10th at noon.

Mraz Center Auditorium - Individuals who want to be onsite for the ceremony, but are unable to be in the stadium due to their specific circumstances will be able to reserve up to two seats inside in our Mraz Center to view the live-streamed ceremony.  You must reserve your seats by noon on Thursday, June 10th.  You can click here to reserve seats in the Mraz Auditorium where masks and social distancing are required.

LIVESTREAM BROADCAST from ANYWHERE! - Live far away or unable to attend in person?  Enjoy the ceremony from the comfort of your home.  Our local TV station, BCTV, will be livestreaming the event.  To view the livestream please tune in to or Burnsville Community Television – Cable Channel 18 at

ARRIVAL FOR THE CEREMONY (GUESTS) - Entry to the stadium will begin at 4:30 PM.  All entry to the stadium will be through the main stadium entrance next to our main parking lot.  Guests will be directed to enter single file through multiple lines. Guests are able to park in the front main parking lot, the west parking lot next to Portland Ave, and on streets designated for parking.  We encourage carpooling as much as possible.

ARRIVAL FOR THE CEREMONY (GRADUATES) - Graduates are expected to be in the gym and seated by 5:30 PM.  Graduates should plan to arrive at 5:15 PM to make this happen. All graduates should park in the northeast lot (Tennis Courts), enter the building through the Door 32 (Science Wing), and go to the gym to be seated.

SPECTATOR SEATING - After entry, guests will be directed to seating locations.  Guests will not be able to choose their seats or save seats for individuals arriving later.  If you want to sit together, you will need to arrive and enter together. The stadium will be seated starting from the north end of the home bleachers working to the south end. Once the home bleachers are filled, guests will be directed to the visitor bleachers and seated in the same manner.  There are limited grassy areas inside the stadium on both ends of the visitor bleachers that will also be used.  Guests will need to remain seated throughout the ceremony, except if you need to use the restroom or have an emergency. Guests arriving late will need to wait to be seated until the graduates have processed in for the ceremony. 

DURING CEREMONY - Guests will need to remain seated throughout the ceremony, except if they need to use the restroom or have an emergency.  There will be no congregating in aisles, walkways, or the areas around the concession stands.  There will be no concessions available.

END OF CEREMONY - Our graduates will circle the track at the end of the ceremony for the traditional tossing of their caps.  Guests will remain seated as the graduates then exit the stadium.  After all graduates have exited the stadium, guests will remain seated and be ushered out by section.  We encourage graduates and their guests to leave immediately following the ceremony.

PROHIBITED ITEMS - For the safety of all guests and out of respect for all guests, please do not bring backpacks, handbags larger than a purse, or other bags to the event.  Balloons, flower bouquets, signs, and noisemakers are not permitted.  Please reserve these and other similar items for your independent family celebrations.

RAIN DATE - If weather conditions do not permit an outdoor ceremony Friday evening, the ceremony will be moved to Saturday evening with a start time of 7 PM. This decision will be made 2 hours before the ceremony begins.  If the ceremony is moved to Saturday, and an outdoor ceremony is still not possible Saturday evening, the ceremony will be moved indoors to the gym.  The decision to move indoors will be made 2 hours before the ceremony.  If we have to have an indoor ceremony in the gymnasium, each graduate will be limited to two guests. There will be no exceptions due to capacity limitations.  Graduates will receive their two tickets at the graduation rehearsal (just in case) we have an indoor ceremony.  REMINDER:  Any additional spectators will be able to join in the viewing by watching the livestream options noted above.

PROGRAMS - We will not be distributing programs at the ceremony.  Each graduate will receive two programs at rehearsal.  There will also be a scannable QR code and link available if you would like to view the program during the ceremony.