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Burnsville High School celebrates their ninth-grade scholars with praise from teachers

Burnsville High School celebrates their ninth-grade scholars with praise from teachers

Our teachers have this to say about some of our amazing 9th grade students!


Wiaka, Dee by Ms. Moren: 

“Dee joined my class partway through the semester and went back to complete every single assignment she was missing. She always greets other students at the start of class (whether in-person or on Google Meets) and congratulates the winners every time we play a game together. I am so happy to get to know this amazing kid!”


Jama, Fatumo by Ms. Moren:

“Fatumo is a hard worker and a pleasure to have in class. She asks questions focused on learning and not just grades. She approaches school with a great attitude and a spark of fun. For example, she sent me one email requesting help first semester with the subject line "EdPuzzle is puzzling me out."


Cordova Gonzalez, Gabriel by Ms. Moren:

“Gabriel is one of those super genuine kids who knows how to have fun in class while staying focused on learning. He is kind and friendly to all other students and frequently volunteers answers even when he's not sure. He is also excited about learning and asks great questions!”


Schindeldecker, Ella by Mr. Burnham:

“Ella is always super positive, friendly, and willing to work hard.  She asks questions when clarification is needed, and she is always one of the first people in class, and takes time to say goodbye when class is over.  All around great person.”


Koppi, Desiree by Mr. Burnham:

“Desiree has been my most reliable student all year.  Super involved in class discussion, always does excellent work, and does a fantastic job of making the distance feel irrelevant. “

Casas, Justin by Mr. Burnham:

“Justin is the kind of guy who is always trusted to do the right thing.  All students and teachers want to have someone like Justin in their class.  An all around great person.”


Santos, Joseph by Mr. Burnham:

“How many students do you know that can juggle with their eyes closed, bench their own weight, have high-fived a polar bear, and can inspire others with original poetry? I don't know any, but I bet Joseph is good for at least a couple of those. “


Jiles, Brianna by Ms. Millea:

“Brianna Jiles is one of the most intrinsically curious students I've ever met. She is not only a superstar in general, but throughout distance learning, she emailed me BIG questions about life, ethnicity, Native American history, and existence. I looked forward to her emails because they pushed me to think about things from another perspective.”

Teigen, Landon by Ms. Jensen:

“Landon was always a great help when there was a snafu in class!  He always had his work done on time and checked my links for me, etc.!  I so appreciated him for being my "wing man"!”

Baskin, Aliya by Ms. Jensen:

“Aliya worked so hard to earn the grade she wanted in class.  She made sure to say hello and goodbye always at the beginning and end of the hour.  I really appreciated that!”

Lange, Isabel by Ms. Jensen:

“Isabel has a maturity about her that is really neat to experience.  It is nice having her in class as she is able to bring those around her up to her level and makes class more enjoyable (at least for me :)  ).  I appreciate her efforts and her willingness to participate in class activities!”


Dam, Luke by Ms. Jensen:

“I love Luke's straightforwardness and honesty.  I love his attention to detail and that he will work his hardest to earn the grades he wants.  I think it shows how important his education is to him.  “

Streeter, Holly by Ms. Jensen:

“There were more times than not that Holly made me giggle when I read some of her assignments.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and a terrific work ethic.  I appreciate her conscientiousness when it comes to her school work and also her quirky sense of humor and I terribly miss it so far this semester!  Someone is very lucky to have her in class this semester!”


Staumbaugh, Hayley by Ms. Jensen:

“I love Hayley's passion for social justice. It really came out during Success 191 in her assignments.”

Mousseau, Zach by Ms. Jensen:

“Zach really kicked it into high gear 2nd quarter to earn a "P" for this course.  He participates and ALWAYS is willing to chat with me!  I enjoy having Zach is Radical in class!  He makes it fun!”

Steffen, Kenny by Ms. Jensen:

“Kenny was always so polite and helpful during class.  I could always count on him to participate.  “


Santos, Joseph by Ms. Jensen:

“Joseph always made sure his work was turned in on time and was done well.  I loved his no nonsense attitude and maturity!”


McGuire, D’Anyka by Ms. Jensen:

“DJ was an all around great student.  I loved that she would stay on the call and chat after class.  Her work was always turned in on time and was well done.  I enjoyed having her in class and miss having her this semester.  Someone in the Social Studies Department is very lucky!”


Roldan-Castro, Albertop by Ms. Jensen:

“Alberto was so sweet-he offered to help clean up the classroom on his cohort days.  He took the initiative and I really appreciated that since the class was a large one.  What a great leadership quality!”


Ahmed, Rhadiya by Ms. Jensen:

“I loved that Rhadiya's education is important to her.  She will work hard to earn the grade she wants-meaning she will revise and resubmit assignments when necessary.  She keeps the lines of communication open between herself and her teacher(s).  She is extremely conscientious. “


Somsacksy, Tasha by Ms. Jensen:

“Tasha put a lot of effort into earning the grades that she wanted.  She thought learning was important and you could tell by the products she submitted to me.  I appreciated that.  I enjoyed chatting with Tasha.  Someone in the Social Studies Department is lucky this semester!  I miss having her in class!”


Lopez-Machuca, Kelly by Ms. Jensen:

“I never got to meet Kelly personally because she was virtual, but she was always so friendly.  She made sure to greet me each day and say goodbye.  She participated in class, and her work was always turned in on time and done well.  She put a lot of thought and effort into what she turned in to earn the grades she wanted from the class.  She will do very well in high school!”


Munoz-Rea, Violeta by Ms. Jensen:

“Violeta always communicated with me when she needed help.  She worked really hard to bring her grade up so she could earn a P.  I love that Violeta always says Please and Thank you when she asks me for help!  I love that even though she's not with me for Human Geography she still knows that I will help her with her work.”


Cronin, Andrew by Ms. Jensen:

“Andrew is just a really cool kid that is going to do some great things as an adult.  He works hard and thoughtfully on all assignments.  Everything is turned in on time and done well.  He is willing to help others and is definitely concerned about his education enough to work hard to earn the grades he wants.”


Eshete, Yordanos by Ms. Anderson:

Yordanos made my day when he volunteered to lead the Zoom class in a rhyme to remember direction words in Spanish! “


Theng, Kira by Ms. Anderson:

“Kira made my day when she volunteered to lead the Zoom class in a rhyme to remember direction words in Spanish! “


Bahena Leon, Josue by Mr. Meyer:

“ Josue is always polite and respectful in class. Hehas been working harder second semester to pass his classes.He knows what needs to be done and is trying hard.”


Lopez-Ramirez, Angel by Mr. Meyer:

“Angel is a good student. His grades were all As and Bs for most of the first semester. He is always willing to help other students in class. Angel also has a great sense of humor.”


Umez, Judith by Mr. Meyer:

“Judith is engaged whether she is in-person or virtual. She cares about her grades and works hard. She volunteered to help other students and to do projects in class. Judith is going to do even greater things at BHS.”