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Burnsville High School senior places third in poetry contest

Burnsville High School senior places third in poetry contest
shami aung with poet laureate tracy smith

Burnsville High School Shami Aung nabbed third place in the Walter Nathan High School Poetry Contest. 

Shami was invited to read her poem at a public reading at the University of Minnesota. In attendance were poets Eloisa Amezcua and Tracy Smith, a former US Poet Laureate and winner of the Pulitzer Prize. 

"A Picnic for Two" by Shami Aung
For me and you. 

I brought picnic essentials and the food you devour the second you see it.

You brought the speaker to accompany our quietness, our shyness. 

We played some tunes and ate good food.

We took a side of the rustic picnic blanket and laid it on the dark green grass. 

Although we were awkward and shy, it didn’t take too long for us to get comfortable underneath the deep hue of a bright blue sky.   

You told me your troubles and worries you’ve had lately like you felt a weight lifting off your shoulders. 

Why? Why did you?

I didn’t say rather spoke in my mind.

That I felt your heart connected to mine. 

I told you my deepest secrets, my dreams, and my goals.

You looked at me with big stars sparkling in your eyes as if you wanted to achieve those.

With me. 

A picnic for two.

Love, me and you.