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Celebrating the Blaze volleyball team heading to the state tournament

Celebrating the Blaze volleyball team heading to the state tournament

There will be several opportunities to celebrate our girls volleyball team making it to the MSHSL State Tournament! The first game is Wednesday, Nov. 9, at 1p.m. Here are some of the ways to support the team:

Volleyball Team Send-Off

There will be a “Celebration to State” send off at 3:00 PM TODAY outside of the gym entrances (Door #1). Come out and show your support!

Going Down to the Xcel Energy Center and Supporting the Team

If you want to find your own way down and purchase a ticket for the session, you can do that. Please note that Special Event Parking prices may apply.  You can purchase tickets online HERE. Please note that MSHSL Spectator Guidelines apply for the State Tournament as well.

Take the Fan Bus down to the Xcel Energy Center and Support the Team (this is for BHS students only)

If you want to take the fan bus, please know that there is a very limited number of spots, as the time of the game ending is during the bus company's time for transporting students home.  There will be two buses and 100 spots available to transport students to and from the game. There are several steps that must be taken in order to ride the fan bus.  They are:

  1. Your PARENT must complete the online permission form for you to take the fan bus.  That Form can be found HERE
  2. You must have a pre-purchased ONLINE ticket before you get on the bus.  You will need to show the bus supervisors prior to boarding the bus.  You can purchase your ticket HERE  
  3. You will need to also pay for the bus using Vanco prior to your spot being reserved.  If you have not paid for your spot using Vanco, then you have NOT completed the confirmation process.  You can pay for your spot on the bus HERE

If you have any questions, please contact Jeanine Riggs at or contact the BHS main office at 952-707-2100.