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Burnsville High School students earn national awards for community service impact

Burnsville High School students earn national awards for community service impact

Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 is pleased to announce that 122 Burnsville High School students are being recognized by the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA) and InnerView in the sixth annual community service awards.

This program, open to all U.S. students, has been designed to connect student community service activities, skill development, and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to transform our world. The Kroger Co. is presenting the fourth annual Zero Hero Awards to students for taking action to help create communities free of hunger and waste.

Students from Burnsville High School delivered the most impact for SDG 4-Quality Education. With a collective impact of 10,130 community service hours this school year, Burnsville High School earned the Emerald Award.

"What a fabulous group to lift up; these purposeful students are taking action to create a better tomorrow for their communities and the world,” says Kristine Sturgeon, CEO of InnerView Technologies. “High school students have a strong perspective on the most challenging issues and needs facing our communities. They have given us hope as we see a measured increase in breadth and depth of volunteerism by these local leaders and global citizens.” 

The three-tier award program recognizes a range of student achievement: Merit for 25 hours, Honor for 40 hours and Ambassador for 100 hours of service this school year and special recognition for a focus on Zero Hunger and Zero Waste.

Additionally, several students were awarded with the Presidential Youth Service Award. The President’s Volunteer Service Award is an opportunity to honor the most outstanding volunteers and recognize the impact they make. This award honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action, too.

Presidential Gold Award: Cash Achenbach, Cade Bunnell, Celina Cheng, Samuel Crawford, Lucas Croatt, Ja’Hari Daoud, William Goodman Mumtaz Gure and Feven Tesfaye.

Presidential Silver Award: Sam Bergh, Kaylee Crampton and Ali Ilhan

Presidential Bronze Award: Ajmal Abdirahman, Ayan Adan, Fatima Ahmed, Nehir Biyikli, Miaoting Fang, Elizabeth Genis, Amira Gure, Olivia Hamann, Reilly Klug, Isabel Lange, Jane McGuire, William Moe, Alissondra Norton, Madison Olafson, Julia Osmolski, Ina Park, Iris Peterson, Jarin Quintuna, Jemimahqueen Saidu, Aiyana Taipe, Victoria Troung, Joshua Trussell, Matthew Trussell, Timothy Trussell and Gerson Vladimir Villalta Umana.

students receive awards for community service impact

Ambassador Awardees: Ajmal Abdirahman, Cash Achenbach, Ayan Adan, Sam Bergh, Nehir Biyikli, Cade Bunnell, Kaylee Crampton, Lucas Croatt, Miaoting Fang, Elizabeth Genis, Amira Gure, Mumtaz Gure, Isabel Lange, William Moe, Alissondra Norton, Madison Olafson, Julia Osmolski, Ina Park, Aiyana Taipe, Feven Tesfaye, Victoria Truong, Gerson Vladimir Villalta Umana

Honor Awardees: Munira Abdi, Fatima Ahmed, Tiba Alshaban, Antonella Borean, Ryan Brown, Lyka Mae Domingo, Ava Drobnick, Winston Ekstrand, Anna Gannon, Olivia Gannon, Olivia Hamann, Cody Hoang, Elizabeth Hovde, Reilly Klug, Eddie Lara Gonzales, Jane McGuire, William Nurminen, Maddie Olsen, Daniela Sarmiento Escalona, Eva Sharp, Kira Theng, Morgan Tholl, Matthew Trussell, Timothy Trussell, Nawal Warfa

Merit Awardees: Nabiilo Abdi, Emma Baker, Alexandria Bauer, Vincent Birch, Emma Boys, Shawna Bruha, Henry Buchanan, Sara Cadwell, Ja'hari Daoud, Coretta Dawson, Logan Dineen, Michael Goettl, Keisha Green, Molly Halvorson, Quinn Hess, Dan Hoang, Linh Hoang, Sarell Howard, Asma Hussein, Aadome Kassa, Amber Kausel, Sidney Lamotte, Emma Le, Gabriel Le, Tia Luong, Suhayb Mahamed, Aisha Mohamed, Jennifer Morocho, Madison Murray, Anthony Nguyen, Chayse Picard, Hannah Rood, Jemimahqueen Saidu, Maisy Scheuneman, Erica Sweet, Ema Tilbury, Olivia Tilbury, Dan Tran, Joshua Trussell, Gabriella Umez, Peter Voigt, Martha Wondimu

Zero Hero Awardees: Nabiilo Abdi, Ajmal Abdirahman, Ayan Adan, Grace Aguilar, Asha Ahmed, Fatima Ahmed, Edgar Alvarez, Asel Azimkanova, Alexandria Bauer, Vincent Birch, Nehir Biyikli, Madeline Blackbourn, Ryan Brown, Lexi Bruesehoff, Derek Buerger, Paige Calvin, Nicholas Cao, Lyka Mae Domingo, Winston Ekstrand, Yordanos Eshete, Miaoting Fang, Anna Gannon, Olivia Gannon, Amira Gure, Mumtaz Gure, Olivia Hamann, Amanda Hawkins, Sydney Hawkins, Dan Hoang, Linh Hoang, Iris Horsnell, Sarell Howard, Asma Hussein, Amber Kausel, Alexander Kneisl, Isabel Lange, Eddie Lara Gonzales, Hailey McGuire, Ayla McKeen, Alberto Meza, William Moe, Jennifer Morocho, Huda Mume, Anthony Nguyen, Hien-Tue Nguyen, Minh-Triet Nguyen, Alissondra Norton, William Nurminen, Maddie Olsen, Ina Park, Krystal Reyes-Herrera, Hannah Rood, Asma Said, Jennifer Saidu, Maddie Schwarz, Eva Sharp, Haylie Stambaugh, Benjamin Stortroen, Feven Tesfaye, Aaliyana Teso, Morgan Tholl, Dan Tran, Khoi Tran, Victoria Truong, Daniella Umez, Gabriella Umez, Judith Umez, Peter Voigt, Nawal Warfa, Joshua Westerlund, Diana Zatarain Martinez