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Nearly 100 students at Burnsville High School receive national recognition for their community service

Nearly 100 students at Burnsville High School receive national recognition for their community service

Ninety-six students have received National Community Service Awards for their community service. As national award recipients, they are an inspiration for other students to get involved in their community.

The 5th Annual National Community Service Awards connect student service activity to the United Nations Association of the United States of America’s Global Goals. This year, there is additional recognition for students working toward a world of Zero Hunger and Zero Waste.

This award program has been designed to elevate and expand the awareness of youth leaders contributing time and talent to drive positive progress toward global issues. 

“I am so honored to bestow these National Service Awards to our amazing BHS students,” said Youth Services Coordinator Courtnee Jackson Floback. “These students have gone above and beyond for our community in a selfless and energizing capacity. I think what is most important to recognize about these award recipients, is that they not only contributed many hours of service, but their service was not a one-time thing. All of these students participated in more than four different types of activities in order to obtain this honor. All I can really say is ‘thank you’ to all these students who define what Burnsville High School and the One91 community are about — a space in which you belong and where each student is Future Ready and Community Strong.” 

Student receiving recognition for their community service are:

Ambassador Awardees: Ayan Adan, Laura Carrion Caceres, Alexa Cornolo, Lucas Croatt, Elizabeth Genis and Zoe Olson

Honor Awardees: Munira Abdi, Ajmal Abdirahman, Rahim Bardai, Sukayna Barkadle, Sam Bergh, Lindsey Brown, Ryan Brown, Tyler Buerger, Ryan Fors, Hazel Kubisiak, Sierra Link, William Moe, Aisha Mohamed, Mariam Mohamed, Wanas Nouh, Ina Park, Chayse Picard, Jemimahqueen Saidu, Janefrances Umez and Martha Wondimu

Merit Awardees: Fatima Abukar, Nashwa Ali, Alexandria Bauer, Vincent Birch, Shawna Bruha, Jayden Chow, Sylvia Croatt, Anna DeMarre, Yohanes Eshete, Miaoting Fang, Zachary Friedmann, Katelin Hoang, Elizabeth Hovde, Calvin Hume, Reilly Klug, Julia Kolp, Isabel Lange, Taylor Larson, Teresa Le-Vu, Tia Luong, Isabella Ly, Jacob Miller, Irshad Moalim, Huda Mohamed, Madison Murray, Mina Nguyen, Minh-Triet Nguyen, Minhigh Nguyen, Israel Ontiveros, Julia Osmolski, Annelise Panos, Iris Peterson, Connor Quimby, Khiya Rath, Cassandra Santelman, Daniela Sarmiento Escalona, Maisy Scheuneman, Eva Sharp, Jessie Sivongxay, Owen Skonseng, Aaden Spencer, Aiyana Taipe, Morgan Tholl, Alex Thompson, Emma Tobias, Dan Tran, Jenna Tvedt, Oudamseiney Ul, Peter Voigt, Jacob Westerlund and Isabelle Wyman 

Zero Hero Awardees: Ajmal Abdirahman, Fatima Abukar, Ayan Adan, Riyan Ahmed, Shami Aung, Alexandria Bauer, Madeline Blackbourn, Lindsey Brown, Ryan Brown, Derek Buerger, Tyler Buerger, Veronica Buerger, Paige Calvin, Noah Carrington, Laura Carrion Caceres, Anna DeMarre, Katie Duong, Yohanes Eshete, Miaoting Fang, Ryan Fors, Jexi Foslid, Brooke Friese, Sydney Hawkins, Isabel Lange, Eddie Lara Gonzales, Nadia Maxamed, William Moe, Huda Mohamed, Chloe Momanyi, Hien-Tue Nguyen, Mina Nguyen, Minh-Triet Nguyen, Minhigh Nguyen, Wanas Nouh, Zoe Olson, Annelise Panos, Ina Park, Valentina Penaloza Ortega, Khiya Rath, Maddie Schwarz, Eva Sharp, Jessie Sivongxay, Jake Struzyk, Morgan Tholl, Dan Tran, Jenna Tvedt, Alex Ulin, Janefrances Umez and Peter Voigt

Congratulations to these outstanding students who are making an impact in our community and beyond.