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Affinity Groups

An Affinity Group is a group of people linked by a common purpose, ideology or interest. They play a vital role in ensuring an inclusive environment where all are valued, included and empowered to succeed.

An affinity group is an adult supported, safe space around shared, lived experiences that empower voice and choice, counter to the previous practices formed and maintained by the dominant culture.

How do Affinity Groups continue to build on the mission of One91?

Our culture actively encourages and embraces each member of the community, creating a sense of support that fosters their individual growth and pursuit of learning. Affinity groups can be an important step toward inclusion in the One91 community. They allow students who might feel marginalized and not heard within the community to feel proud, confident and supported. They also provide a platform for students to confidently be themselves and feel heard without judgment. Affinity groups are places where students are allowed to develop a better understanding of how their own identity shapes their experiences.

Making Spaces for All Voices

  • Building authentic and caring relationships with people from all backgrounds is core to the values of ISD191. 

  • Being apart of BHS Affinity groups can help many students feel more connected, visible, and members of the larger ISD191 community.

  • Students need to be able to be themselves at school

  • They allow students who share an identity - usually a marginalized identity to gather, talk in a safe space about issues related to that identity and transfer that discussion into action that makes for a more equitable experience at school

Asian Student Association (ASA)

Open to all students, GSA unites LGBTQ+ and allied youth to build community and organize around issues impacting them in their schools and communities. GSAs have evolved beyond their traditional role to serve as safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth in middle schools and high schools, and have emerged as vehicles for deep social change related to racial, gender, and educational justice.

Social Media:


Landen Parkin

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union is a student-driven club that strives to promote cultural unity and creates a safe place for African-American students, as well as spreading unity among students of other cultures at Burnsville High School.

Social Media:

  • instagram: @bsuofbhs
  • Tick Tock: @bvillebsu
  • email:


Tommie Gaston

Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Burnsville's Gender-Sexuality Alliance, or GSA for short, is a student-run organization that unites LGBTQ+ and allied youth to build community and organize around issues impacting our school and community. GSA serves as a vehicle for social change related to racial, gender, and educational justice. GSAs in schools have been proven to provide a positive and lasting effect on student health, wellness, and academic performance. All students, no matter your gender or sexuality are welcome.

Social Media:

  • Instagram: @burnsville_GSA


Allison Millea

Indigenous Student Council (ISC)

Open to all eligible American Indian/Alaska Native (Indigenous) Students, grades 7-12


Rebecca Mousseau


Latino Student Association (LSA)

LSA students meet regularly to create community among our students. Group is divided into an Latino and Latina student group.


Andrea Bauer


Muslim Student Association (MSU)

This is a student organization devoted to strengthening the Muslim community through service and activism. The goal of this group is to educate both Muslims and people of other faiths about the religion of Islam and facilitate a better environment for students on campus.


Morgan Elmi